Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mini Fall Vacation

David and I escaped ....

to the Mountains earlier this week for a short vacation, and I added New Mexico to the list of American states I'd been to/passed through, making a grand total of 25.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park and Carlsbad Caverns

November 1st 2006: Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Devil's Hall Trail 4.2 miles round trip
McKittrick Canyon Trail 4.8 miles round-trip to Pratt Lodge

November 2nd 2006: Carlsbad Canyon, New Mexico

Elevation Above Sea Level - 4408
Cavern Floor - 3652

More Pictures in future posts..


Laura.Y said...

Mexico looks good. :) Nice photos!

tammi said...

Loooove the pix!
Just so everyone knows....Letti worked MIRACLES on my blog that I managed to mess up.
Your such a doll,Letti!
Luv ya,

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks really magestic. Though I'm confused about one thing. Where's the snow?

ashleymclure said...

Great pics!

tammi said...

Hey! I just noticed the background behind the title "Tammi in Texas".
Your blog is still the best,but if you keep putting the fancy touch to mine,I'll be out doing you!(laughing)
Just looove your Pics in this post.Gorgeous place to be.Never seen the Guadalupe mountains (I don't recall)maybe as a child....but I DO remember Carlsbad Caverns.Pictures are great....but being there is awesome!!

Thao said...

Just beautiful. What kind of memento do you get from the places you visit. I used to get magnets from the places I visited. But then the fridge got too cluttered.