Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What I've been up to

Fiddling with Blog Templates and HTML, that's what.

Tammi is a dear friend, a sweet sweet lady, and fellow blogger whom I've known for a while now, and it all started with helping ( hey, i'm a complete amateur ) her retrieve her blogger comments after she installed her Haloscan comment system and the blogger comments "disappeared", which then turned into a blog overhaul ( lol, HER words ), which I enjoyed so much, nerd geek that I am :)

Old Blogger Template

Yay, the New Template

Just go over and say hello to her, she'll be absolutely THRILLED!

BTW have you upgraded to firefox 2 yet?!


Laura.Y said...

wow you did that? Very very nice!

Thao said...

Looks great. I wish I was handier with the HTML. I tweak every now and then. Nothing major.

tammi said...

I keep procrastinating in updating my blog,because I am compelled to tell everyone who will listen who saved my a***....oops! I mean my blog.I got in the template and wreaked havoc(duh!)and my awesome blogger buddy Letti came to my rescue and saved me.Yup,I lost all my comments dating back to 2002,just trying to add Haloscan.Then I hinted around about how "I sure wish my blog was as nice as yours" (ohhh poor me)LOL
So,bless her heart, she donated her time and I'm sure alot of energy and took on my boring blog and turned it into a smash hit!!I just love it.:-}
Notice she's always been at the top of my faves list,and obviously for a good reason.She's a doll! When I got sick,she was there.When I got rid of that evil ball and chain (Ray),Letti was there,and many other dramatic moments in my crazy life.
(holding up my wine glass)
"Here's to Letti"!!!
Oops! I forgot...I don't drink.OK,so I'll toast with my diet Dr.Pepper. :-}
Luv Ya Letti-Lou-Lou

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Wow, I sure would love an overhaul of my blog page! That looks really nice.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

I just realized you did it! Wow! How did you learn to do that?

Anonymous said...

Yeah the template very important. it reflects who you are. My template for example shows that I'm a slave toPepsi.