Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tonsillitis on top of everything else

The Woe-Am-I-edness continues...

My throat still hurts,
My tonsils are still inflamed,
I'm thinking they were a major player other than the flu..
I inspect them with a flashlight and mirror everyday - david says it's quite a sight,
Taking acetominophen and antibiotics,
Cleaning my tonsils with Listerine Swabs, and getting yucky stuff off of them..
I'm used to seeing, diagnosing and treating OTHER PEOPLE with tonsillitis,
but seeing my own yucky tonsils with white pus all over them,
is kinda gross.


sweetspirits said...

Oh Sweety
Your in my prayers , i hope ya beta soon :0 .I have on average 5 bouts of tonsillitis per yr tsk tsk.
Tcz sweety

Jaxon S said...

hope you get well soon..

tammi said...

Awww dang.That's gotta be a bummer being so close to the holidays',huh?
Hmmmm...I always wonder how doctors keep from getting a bug like other types of illnesses.I mean,I don't think tonsilitus(sp)is catchy,but did you ever get sick from anything else while treating patients?(just curious).
Hope you get to feeling better soon,hun.
I FINALLY get to get online at home and I am happy as "all-git-out".(is that a backwoods phrase or what?)LOL...But it's nice to be able to keep up w/ my buds and all.
My blog is awesome thanks to you.I would almost swear you are reading my mind and know what I like,and put it there.Thanks a bunch.I refuse to post the REAL person behind the last touches that were made....I might give someone the impression I'm smart or something.(laughing).I won't lie and take the credit....but I refuse to out right admit the cool stuff my friend Letti added!Of course those that know me,know you've been there,I'm sure.
Hang in there and keep the meds going,and I'm sure you'll be feeling better in no time.

PrimoDonna said...

Get well soon!

Joseph A. di Paolantonio said...

Take care. Remember, there is scientific evidence that garlicy chicken soup [enzymatic cofactors therein] is efficacious against viral infections like cold, influenza and tonsillitis.

Be Better SOON.