Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Abilene Cutting Horse Spectacular

David's Dad had such a wonderful time

at the Cutting Horse Event we brought him to yesterday, at the Taylor County Expo Center - and reminiscing about his ranching days, that he didn't even realise it when almost 2 hours had passed and it was dinner time!

Well, one of the reasons too, was that we had had New Years' lunch at Cindy's, southern style, and I had made 2 chocolate meringue pies - one for everyone for dessert, and one for him to relish at home. *hehe* And he had 3 slices after lunch!!

The events are broadcast live over the internet Jan 2nd to 13th, so for those interested, you can catch a live webcam feed HERE .. Or you could listen to audio feeds HERE.

14th Annual Abilene Spectacular Cutting Event
January 1st 2007


Harmonia said...

Hello and Happy New Year! I'm back bloggin - same place - http://harmonia.bloggoing.com.

Missed your entries while I was away! Hope all is well!

Nice new layout, btw!

Animesh said...

Hi Letti! Wish you a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

A Cowboy Zamboni. I love it. One day Zambonis will rule the earth.

Tony Barker said...

Hi Letti,

I'm the musician in the video you posted on YouTube.com, and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to send me a copy of it, so that I could put it on my own website. I'm updating it now, and would love to include the Fish Fry video with the kids.

Thanks, and I'm glad you thought enough of the show to post it!

Tony Barker

tammi said...

Pix are cool...but the pie sounds awesome!Yummm!
Hey! I FINALLY did the right thing and moved out of the country where I was sinking like the titanic.More details on blog...but I am sooo happy and jobs are better plus they are everywhere!!
I'm thrilled at my new life.
p.s-I wanted sooo bad to alphebetize my faves...but putting u on top was my first choice...cuz u are the TOP QUEEN BEE!!! But I figured I'd do it proffessionally.lol...Why couldn't your name start with an "A"?hee hee