Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Weekend Update

So I will know what I did this weekend in history

Jim's Birthday

Jim is David's brother in law and a preacher at a local church. The birthday celebration was held at ( David's niece ) Stephanie's house ( Stephanie is a local glass artist - read article HERE - and has a gorgeous house ), and when she mentioned that their internet was somehow down, David was there to the rescue... I love my Tech Geek :)

SuperBowl LXI

So I had to watch the AFC and NFC championships with David. Now he has an agonizing 2 weeks of waiting before Superbowl 41.

Restaurant Empire

Okay, I admit, I'm a computer gaming freak. During breaks from reading, I play RPG/Strategy etc games online, on the PC, and on my PS2. I have my eye on Final Fantasy XII, but it's so &%^*$ expensive! So right now, I'm rediscovering the Restaurant Empire game I played a year or so ago. Hey, even JumbledMind has the same exact game!

Walter ( David's Dad ) is going to be more famous than he already is!!

The Abilene Reporter News has been putting an an in their paper for the local residents to suggest "local characters" to be interviewed and featured in the newspaper. Well, Walter, being the character that he is, was naturally recommended to be one of the featured residents. The reporter from the newspaper has met with him and taken notes, and I'll post the article once it hits the stands.

Dogs with Cabin Fever are no fun

So, I found out that weird howlings and messing up the house ( i.e. peeing on the rug ) are signs of cabin fever. Henry is guilty of both of them, but I can't really blame him coz he hasn't been able to roam about outside as much, with the below freezing temperatures and like that. I try to let them out during the warmest time of the day for several hours so he can romp and play and just get all that energy out of his system, not to mention get some sun!

Baking Mania

For some reason - maybe it's all this cold weather - I've taken to baking, which is pretty weird, coz I never was very much of a cook or baker. But in the past week or two, I've made Banana Bread, Blueberry Muffins and Applesauce/Walnut/Pecan Nut Bread.



Anonymous said...

Yeah I want Final Fantasy XII too, but my with my current City of heroes addiction, I'm not sure if I would play it much.

Anonymous said...

Keep baking, Letti! It's therapeutic! I've got some great recipes if you'd like them!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Letti, that last comment was from me (Kerri), not anonymous.

Anonymous said...

DARN-I am literally on the run.....gotta get back on in the a.m. and catch up on what in the world is going on in Letti-Land!!!
Be back asap

Anonymous said...

Am now playing "Dreamfall" (a sequel to The Longest Journey) but got stuck midway. huge monster is guarding the cavern!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, that article about Stephanie was GREAT!