Monday, February 26, 2007

A Short Trip and a Scare

We went to Munday on Sunday

Munday is a little town with a population of about 1,500 in north-ish Texas, where David's niece, Sabrina, her husband Todd, and their two children moved to, late last year. It was a career move for Todd, for it meant a promotion to be Principal at the Elementary School there. Sabrina is also a teacher and now teaches in the same elementary school. It certainly is quite a change from Abilene, which has a population of about 115,000.

The first thing that caught our eye as we rolled towards town was the underpass that led into town. It has murals etched in the sides of the walls of the underpass on both sides. On one side was the American Flag, and where the stripes were, there were silhouettes of the townsfolks. The developers of the underpass had taken photographs of the inhabitants of Munday earlier and had done the flag as a tribute to the townspeople.

On the other side of the underpass was etched a cotton field with a big cotton ball.

Munday is a quaint little town which is undergoing a "beautification campaign" and this could be seen especially on Main Street, where the sidewalks had been redone, and some buildings restored.

More photographs of Munday HERE at the photo blog.

The church where we attended service was small but cosy, with pretty stained glass behind the pulpit. Sabrina and Todd had bought a 100 year old house just in front of the church, which they had been working hard at restoring. We took a peek inside after service and it was a beautiful house! David and I are very jealous of their porch-turned-sunroom.

After that sweet trip, we were driving home when we saw some smoke rising into the sky from a long way away, and in the general direction that we were headed home to.

You can imagine the panic rising in our chests as, instead of moving away from the smoke, we somehow seemed to keep driving towards it, until when we finally got home, THIS was how close the fire was. ( That's our Airstream in the foreground, and house on the left ) We were almost freaking out by that time, and I had been praying silently but rather furiously.

It was still quite some miles for us, and as it turned out, when they had a piece on it on the news later that night, that it was a "controlled burn". Thank God! But man, did they scare us silly.

"And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places;"
Isaiah 32:18


K. Restoule said...

Wow, that would freak me out seeing smoke coming from my place. O'm glad that your home was fine.

taranicole <"3 )~ said...

I love little towns! We've got a ton of them up here. Thanks for the walk through the town :) Oliver and I enjoyed reading it together!

Laura.Y said...

That house don't look 100 years old! Those murals on the underpass is such a cool idea. U know how MY's look like. LOL

Monica L. said...

YOU HAVE AN AIRSTREAM!!! you are so lucky I want one sooooo bad!!!!

letti said...

phew guys. luckily the fire department got there in time. the fire DID get a little out of control. Laura, i know the house looks too good! But they've done some work to it. The inside needs a lot of work still. But I was told it was almost 100 years old. LOL. Anyway, monica, i couldn't access your blogger profile because it had been set as "private" or something :(

tammi said...

OHHH doggone-it! I just ran out of time,and DIDDN'T even get to read your post....but I WILL be back,hun.

PrimoDonna said...

You were fortunate about the control burn. Did you hear about the grass fires on Fort Hood and in Killeen? The fire came so very close to some of the houses on Fort Hood. I saw the burnt grass and understood why they evacuated some of the people from their houses. Fire is so scary. Thanks for telling us about your trip. It sounds nice.

teddY said...

The murals are so nice! Very artistic and original. Munday is such a small town anyway... but it is nice to know that it is being beutified! Anyway the house looks so cozy and nice to live in XD I understand that feeling when you see smoke rising from your house! Last time when my family was driving back from Klang to Petaling Jaya we say thick black smoke rising from the direction where our house is! We got so panicked! But in the end it turned out to be an explosion at a chemical factory 3+km away in the same direction. Phew!