Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Goodies from Home

JumbledMind sent me some stuff for my Birthday

And she knows I'm a PIG fiend, so here's what I found in the mailbox on Monday, all the way from Malaysia.. courtesy of my baby sister.


( I tried to use Picasa's Collage function, but they would overlap the pictures so much that you couldn't see most of the pictures, so I did it the non-short-cut Photoshop way of making it look like good old Polaroid shots, and made a collage from THOSE pics.)


Oook.. I forgot to take pictures of a blouse and some packages of Maggie Chicken and Lily Bulb soup that Jumbledmind also sent... will try to fit them in some later posts. :P


taranicole <"3 )~ said...

I love them! My sister is a huge pig person as well. I think she will triuph one day in actually owning one :) I'm a horse/rabbit erson myself ;) <"# )~

badsheep13 said...

Cute little piggie presents!

Anonymous said...

lol glad u like em! Hey u forgot the baju and the lily bulb. LOL must take David's pix holding it :P nyuk nyuk