Monday, October 22, 2007

Girls' Day Out

Last Friday, David joined us

for part of our Friday Girls' Day Out, and it was fun fun fun :)

First, it was Denecia's birthday, which we celebrated at her house before the Bible lesson began - Maria had made an "Earthquake Cake" with gobs and gobs of chocolate and coconut inside, and it was delicioso!

Then it was off to lunch at A Taste Of Asia Noodle House, my favorite restaurant in Abilene ( and I suspect, for many miles ), where they serve really authentic South East Asian Food. Our usual sunroom nook had been taken over by George, the Cambodian owner guy, for him to have a little gift shop thingy ( we had actually stolen that place from him in the first place when he used to work in there ), and so we were extremely glad to find another nook that was sun-roomy and settled in for lunch and a game of Upwords Scrabble.

We hadn't been to Starbucks in months and months, so we thought it was about time ! Here's Cindy chillin' out with her Decaf, on the phone with David, making plans to meet up in a bit.

We stopped by Jason's Deli, picked up a Muffuletta for David, and headed on to the Salvation Army store to meet up with him and see what fine pickings there were for the day there. ROFL.

Cindy had to head on home after our regular weekly grocery shopping at Walmart, and so David and I headed off to the "other" pumpkin patch we knew about. It was organized by Disability Resources Inc, and although I knew it was all for a good cause and all, but I couldn't help being a little disappointed that it wasn't half as lovely or quaint as the one that Cindy and I went to last year ( click HERE to go down memory lane ), which doesn't exist anymore this year !!!

Be joyful always; pray continually;

give thanks in all circumstances,

for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


dobbs said...

Glad you finally got your pumpkins! :)

The Chansburys said...

oh you can't imagine how much your post makes me feel like some plain ol' girlfriend time as jamesy is entering his 'tremendously...(*insert adjective here*) twos'. just the idea of actually having a nice cuppa coffee and playing scrabble, having a laugh with an IS would be heaven!!! Miss you then!

jefftexas said...

I haven't thought of Upwords in years! I got it for a gift when I was in high school and played it many times. I was at a Salvation Army not too long ago and found the board game "Careers" in pristine condition-I hadn't played it in years but it brought back lots of memories!

I hope you are having a great week-Jeff

jaxon s said...

wow, i've never seen that many pumpkins in my life.

mama bok said...

So wach you gonna do with your pumpkins..?? i am in awe .. about your girl's day out.. ;) haven't found anyone here.. i wanna hang out with .. :(

sweetspirits said...

wow huge punkins :)