Friday, October 05, 2007

What have I been up to?

David made me blog this one..

i.e. a breakfast I made him :)

Photo says it all

We're all excited that a new Dollar Tree is opening about 7 minutes away, by the (relatively) new Walmart - there's been a real upcropping of retail stores in our vicinity, which is super cool - there's a little strip mall thing with Radio Shack, the Game Store ( methinks ), as well as a salon place, and a express clinic and a Chili's & Cracker Barrel as well as good ol' Dairy Queen which is the only thing that was originally there. How complacent and low maintenance am I to get all excited over the opening of the Dollar Tree where everything's a dollar? *grin*

Halloween's around the corner - we've got giant inflatable pumpkins to put up by the front fence/gate, and we already have several things hanging up in the tree in front of the house... We've never had any trick-or-treat'ers come by our place before, and if they came to us, all we could give them would be energy bars. LOL

Cindy and I went for our usual girls' day out, which was real busy today - I had to make a stop at the post office to send off some warm clothes to my sister's address in California because they're flying there from Malaysia next week!!! *ooooh excitement galore*

We also stopped by the Center for Contemporary Arts for some "cultural enrichment", taking in some a series by Angie Cook.
oops, the pic below should read Center for Contemporary Arts instead of Grace Museum. BLEH. Too lazy to re-Photoshop it now.


taranicole <"3 )~ said...

WOW! Don't let O see this comment... I don't think I've EVER made him THAT much for breakfast :) haha! And BTW, I'm a huge dollar tree fan myself! <"3 )~

Amy said...

I love Dollar Tree. Whenever I am in a shopping mood I go there so I get lots of stuff and spend less than $20!!!!