Saturday, December 08, 2007

Breakfast with Santa

Christmas isn't that far away now..

Hillcrest Church had a "Breakfast with Santa" event this morning, where pancakes and sausage patties were served with milk/juice/coffee. There were also activities for the kiddies as well as having your picture made with "Santa" :)

Father, thank You for Your care,
And the food we eat and share


Laura.Y said...

That is so cute! Happy Xmas prep!

teddY said...

Pancakes are always my favourite, but my mom seems to be really bad at making them! Everytime she ends up with charred ones, or horribly uncooked cakes! LOL :) anyway Alan is acting Santa... so does it mean that little kids will queue up and sit on his lap and tell Alan their X'mas wishes? :D

How are you with your X'mas shopping? Good luck! I heard that X'mas shopping in the US can be quite a nightmare due to the crowd!

Anonymous said...

Hi Letti-

Sometime back I asked if you were going to take your exams, but I can't find where I asked that and am not sure if you responded. So if you'll kindly forgive me for asking again, do you plan on practising medicine again someday (in the US)? I hope so. We need more female doctors. :-) Glad to hear your water problem was fixed. Our gas bill is usually about $25/month but our latest one was $140! Turned out the meter reader read the meter wrong. Whew!

Bad Sheep said...

Looks like Santa is going grey, everything but the mustache.

letti said...

hi christie, sorry about not replying, but you didn't leave a forwarding email,and it was just "anonymous", so i didn't know what to do about contacting you :) Yes, i plan on practising medicine here in the US. I have my Kaplan books and am trying to juggle a bunch of things right now ( even though it seems like i'm on my lazy bum and enjoying life all the time.. LOL ), and one of those is trying to study amidst all that. I hope to at least take one test by the end of next year :) and yes, I would love to be doctoring again :)