Sunday, March 09, 2008

Behold the Second Cattery..

So we finally finished up the second cattery,

and have moved the cats that had been inhabiting my "study" in crates out into the back yard.

The cats had never been outdoors before, and so they went a little crazy out there. Hehehe. Here's Charcoal peeking out of the Pet Taxi that we used to ferry them out there....

Plus they had never seen snow or rain, and that intrigued them no end!

Here's a little video of the kitties in the cattery :

I've also finished cleaning up my study, so now I can sit down and actually STUDY without having cat litter flung at me! The room looks voluminous!

Genesis 7:14

They had with them every wild animal
according to its kind, all livestock according
to their kinds, every creature that
moves along the ground according to its kind
and every bird according to its kind,
everything with wings.


makuahine said...

aw! Cats are hilarious in the snow, love that batting at it, haha

Rockycat said...

Such pretty cats!

Bad Sheep said...

I love the funny things cats do. My cats would probably claw through me to get back in the house if I took them out in the snow.

Monica said...

A bunch of lucky cats!!!!

Monica said...

HA so cute in the snow!!!

K. Restoule said...

Kitties in the snow?

Where are their little kitty toques?