Saturday, March 22, 2008


Has it been a week already since I posted?

Well, it's been an on and off stressful week, with all kinds of things running around in my brain. *sigh*. But what the hey, la di da, life goes on.

On Tuesday, Cindy brought her grandchildren Allen and Anastasia to our house as they were here to visit for a week. Allen is 5 and Anastasia just turned 4. They were supposed to be given a little "presentation" about Malaysia, but they were more interested in petting the little kitties through the cat door in my room window. :) If I had had more presence of mind, I would have grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of THAT. Oh well.

Meanwhile, here's a sweet online application/ music player that I have been playing around with, called MixWit, and here's a mixed tape of "Zen"nish music ( aka music to fall asleep to, I'm sure.. )that I did, amongst others.

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teddY said...

Allen and Anastasia sound very cute and adorable kids in your post ;) teehee. I actually quite like cats, at least they don't bite a lot like dogs and don't jump towards your to greet you (I find that jumping a little unnerving!).

MixWit sounds fun! I listen to quite a lot of Zen music when I do reading, they help a lot :) I should try it out someday!