Thursday, May 01, 2008

Jimmy Buffett Concert

Okay, it's been way too long without a post..

have had several things going on at once...but here's photos from the Jimmy Buffet concert from last week, at Frisco. Totally awesome, totally crazy :) Had a blast.

The crowd mingling before the concert

Walking down onto the "field" section where we had seats!

View from our seats

Shooting the hoops as part of the warmup

Major Beachball goings-on and Free T-shirts shot out to the crowd

A Pricey Dinner and a Cute Pirate

Jimmy and the Coral Reef Band wow the crowd

Some dude with a shark suit on.


mama bok said...

Yes.. was wondering.. how come no updates.. :)

Pro_Market_Analysis said...

Take a look at the new wikizine I created - Jimmy Buffett :)
or check out:

Hope to hear from you all! :)