Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthdays and Anniversaries...

I tease David about having it easy

when it comes to remembering my birthday and our anniversary.. Our birthdays are a day apart, and our wedding anniversary is right there in the middle, believe it or not :)

For our birthdays, Wanda at bible class made us a special cake, and we brought our own TRIPLE CHOCOLATE ( YUUUUMM ) cake with an appropriate candle ( LOL ) to Stephanie's house where we had a celebration with the family.

After eating, it was off to the pool in the back to watch Elizabeth's mad diving skillz.....

May we forever continue
through life's journey beside each other,

our hearts still filled with love, respect, and admiration,
as it was so many years ago.

May our caring for each other grow deeper;
may our love for each other grow stronger.

May our home be filled with hope, peace,
and love as it has been for

all these years we have shared together.
May we share just as many more.


Agnes said...

LOL! David is a smart man in choosing a wedding date ... I can give him that.
Happy birthdays and happy anniversary to you two.

K. Restoule said...

That's smart planing, not luck.

ashleymclure said...

Happy Birthdays and Anniversary!

Tammi said...

WOW!Great pix!You 2 are such an awesome couple!!
And,oh how neat-0! Birthday and Anniversary's together!

makuahine said...

Ohhh heehee also kinda funny: my other friend Lettie, lol, her birthday is the day before their anniversary!

So yay, happy birthdays and anniversary again ;-)
What a great picture of you two, too! And so sweet of your Elizabeth :)

taranicole <"3 )~ said...

I remember back when we first "met" and were in the midst of all that CRAZY wedding planning! Look how time flies! Happy anniversary and birthdays!

Bad Sheep said...

Happy birthaversary! What a sweet photo of you two.

Tammi said...

checkin back---
sniffle sniffle.
onlt to tell you
#1.The pix are still great,hun
#2.I'm so so so sick ...booo---hooo