Saturday, June 21, 2008


I expect all kinds of bugs and insects in the summer time

especially the dreaded chiggers and fire ants, but this one really took the cake.

We've been sitting out in the yard, enjoying the sunset, and then on into the greenhouse. There had been a bad storm with 65mph gusting winds the night before, and so we were kinda cleaning up, and the light had fallen, so we were putting that back up.

Then I felt something against my thigh in my jeans, and then a MASSIVE amount of pain.

Letti : " OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!"
David : " WHAT??! WHAT?!?"
David : "WHERE?!?!?!"
Letti : "On my thigh!"
David : "WHAT!??!?! Take off your pants NOW!!"

So I proceed to grimace in extreme pain and start getting rid of my jeans..

David : "Shake it out! Shake it out!"
Letti : "OW OW OW .. It's painful and tingly!...It's definitely NOT a fire ant"

So I'm turning my pants inside out and shaking and shaking...meanwhile, a big angry welt develops on my thigh

and a freaking SCORPION drops onto the gravel below.

Letti: *blanches*
David: "EEEK!!!! Well, it's not getting away with stinging you!"

David proceeds to mash the scorpion up with a piece of rock and I'm hopping around in my underwear, yelping in pain.

So we run back into the house, David gets me to put some ice on it, which numbed some of the pain, and we start to look up "scorpion stings in Texas" on the internet. Thank God the one that the one that got me was not poisonous, but I was sooo freaking out by then, I was imagining all kinds of symptoms.

I manage to find some Solarcaine in the medicine cabinet, and spray a generous amount onto my thigh, and we sit down to dinner.

Letti : "Ow, it still hurts"
David : "Poor baby.. when do you think it got in your pants?!"
Letti : "I dunno. My jeans were hanging up in the bathroom till I put them on to come out into the yard"
David : "Well, you know scorpions and tarantulas and like that are known to come out from the woodwork right before/during a storm"
Letti : "ARGHH!! I think it went up my pant leg in the greenhouse"
David : "Surely not.. maybe it was in the house and crept up the jeans in the bathroom. You know we've found the cat trying to play with one, once in the house"
Letti : "ARRGGHHHH!!!! I'm never putting on pants ever AGAIN!!!"
David : "Honey, don't be silly. Hoy.. I'm making you paranoid about nothing"

*pause while we're eating*

David : "AAARRGGHHH!!!! There's something in my SHIRT!!!"
Letti : "ARRRGH!!"

David frantically gets his shirt off, and this dark creepy crawly bug drops onto the ground

David : "Now you've got ME paranoid about bugs in my shirt"
Letti : "I am NEVER putting on clothes ever again."
David : * rolls eyes *


taranicole <"3 )~ said...

OUCH!!! Oh man ... I'm never moving to Texas! I'd be paranoid! Haha! Glad you're ok ... some birthday present!

ashleymclure said...

Yowch! Just make sure you shake out your clothes before putting them on. They at least afford some protection from some of the other critters out there.

Rockycat said...

A scorpion?? In your PANTS????

Dr. Carolyn said...

you both are such a cute pair of couple... I can't stop laughing when I read about the scorpion and bug post........ :)
keep it up! :D

Monica said...

Whew thank goodness I live in NY where there are no scorpions!!!!

McMGrad89 said...

I am assuming this happened in Abilene. It happened to my best friend in her newly built house in Wylie and she was pregnant. We were quite scared, but it turned out okay.

Worse was two weeks ago on the golf course when an ants got in my pants and bit my behind during my daughter's tournament. How do deal with that discreetly? (I just did a lot of tugging and jumping.)

Glad you were okay.