Sunday, August 31, 2008

Preggo Ramblings

Stephanie lent me a book she had been reading

and it's called the Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy. I've only read several chapters, but it's like it says in the book. There are too many "guides" out there that are so technical ( stuff that I would have known already but that doesn't make it any less intimidating now that I'm ACTUALLY pregnant. ), and very impersonal and present the cold hard facts in a pretty scary manner.

This book on the other hand, is written from collected anecdotes and personal experiences of different women, that doesn't try to hide the truth ( "that pregnancy is alarming, sloppy, charming and sentimental"), but tells you like it is, and offers remedies to the many trials of pregnancy in a comforting and humorous way as well as many practical insights into even the most mundane stuff.

There's a little section in the book about dads-to-be and I constantly remind myself that this is something special shared between David and myself and although I may be feeling seasick all day long, that it is David's journey too. If anything, it should make our bond and love stronger. First time Fathers-to-be are in such unique positions and have so many questions and worries too, and I'm glad we are able to talk and work it out and that we can reassure each other when one or the other voices this or that worry.

My lubby hubby is truly a sweetheart. *melts* This whole fatherhood thing may be freaking him out ( He referred to himself as "dad" the other day and almost died when he realised what he had said) but he is there for me, my solid rock of gibraltar, unconditionally. My hero..



Salena said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! :)

cariso said...

Kong Hei Lei ! Letti!

Fly Girl said...

I know you're so excited! It would have been fun to blog when I was waiting on Hannah's arrival. I do have a paper blog... my journal that I kept during that time.

I just read some of your earlier blog postings. Your move to America must have been a huge step to take... It sounds like you've adjusted quite well! Here's a belated welcome to America!

Bad Sheep said...

I would recommend Your Pregnancy Week By Week. I like it better than What to Expect.