Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Good Grief

Just when I thought

I'd received scam emails from every known scamming nation,

I get one this morning that's supposedly from MALAYSIA.

Sub: You won $2.5 Million Dollars ( yeah, right )
To: undisclosed-recipients ( Gosh, there were THAT many of us?!?!? And I thought I was special...*rolls eyes* )

-----Inline Attachment Follows----- ( what does that even mean? )

You won $2.5 Million Dollars from the Malaysia Sweepstakes. ( Er, I don't recall entering any. And besides, the Malaysian sweepstakes pays in DOLLARS instead of RINGGIT? Very COOL. )

Contact Andy Jerry ( all the legit andy jerrys of the world are going to be seriously pi**ed )
for delivery of your Cheque via email: asiapacific_2000@verizon.net

Yours Truly,
Goh Song Keng.( I'm still trying to make a joke out of this name, but I'm drawing a blank here )
Online Co-Ordinator

This message was sent using http://webmail.coqui.net ( isn't a coqui a FROG? )

I of course googled diff things in the email and lots of people had received a similar scam email, and of course scam emails are always hilarious, but this one made me kinda miffed coz I learned that other people had received a LONGER version of this crap, and I had received the truncated ( like as if i was less important ) version.

Good Grief.


K. Restoule said...

most of us know it's a scam, but there's always one sucker out there. Oh else they wouldn't be sending this stuff out.

Jaxon S said...

Hmm... let me think; Goh Song Keng.

Sounds better if it is spelled Goh Keng Song... which actually means means "Goh can sing".

No offends to all the Gohs out there.

makuahine said...

I've been getting a ton of those lately too, but mine are all supposedly from the UK lottery which is weirder than _you_ getting Malaysian ones. :P I've never even been to the UK! :)

Stupid spammers.

Love that clipart though ;-)

-ms jumbled mind- said...

Goh Song Keng - Song Keng as in easy to chat in Cantonese.. ehhehehe