Friday, September 19, 2008

Maternity Shopping

I am 11 weeks today

and either I have the Death Bloat from a seriously progesterone-slowed-down digestive system, or I've started to "pop" OR I have suddenly gained a significant gut on top of the blubberous belly I already have.

When I am at home ( which is most of the time ), I usually go around in my dingy drawstring house shorts or drawstring PJs, but I can't do that when I'm about to go out somewhere.

So.. today, I finally "christianed" my first pair of maternity shorts, which was supremely comfy ( read: Death Bloat ) and I even got my first maternity top ( LOL it's Betty Boop and says "HOT MAMA" ) at Walmart.

maternity shorts

maternity top



McMGrad89 said...

Ya gotta be comfy yet fashionable when you are expecting. I think Betty Boop is the perfect touch. ;-)

Fly Girl said...

Isn't it fun to buy that first maternity outfit! I remember the first thing I bought.... Hmmmm. I need to find those shorts and top. They may fit again, now that I've managed to gain all my pregnancy weight back after 12 years of motherhood!


mama bok said...

I bet you are the prettiest..! :)