Friday, September 12, 2008

Not really food cravings...Uh hu.

But lately, much more than in the recent years,

I've had a hankering for Malaysian or South East Asian food. ANY Asian food, I guess. But Malaysia, being multi cultural, means I have a hankering for Malay, Indian AND Chinese food...And I don't mean the type you get from the Chinese Buffet place either.. Those are kinda too fakey and "westernised" tho.

From the simple ones like nasi lemak/coconut milk rice to the more exotic like Fish Head Curry, or even just plain ordinary economy noodles ( not Ramen ), mamak mee goreng ( fried Indian noodles ) and sooo many others.. I'm making myself depressed just thinking about it. I'm blaming it on the pregnancy hormones.

Furthermore, it's the fasting month for the Muslims back in Malaysia and there is usually no lacking of food bazaars or stalls that are set up that sell the most amazingly varied and delicious food for the breaking of fast at the end of the day. ARRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHH. Now if only I were a better cook when it came to my own native food.

Anyway, Abilene may have several universities with international students, but somehow the availability of international foods is kinda well, pathetic. That's why I love love love the Cambodian noodle place down town ( YUMMM ) and the little Filipino Store that I go to every Friday. They had just changed management and now have a bunch of new stuff and every Friday is market day, and so I get to get my fill of several kinds of Asian vegetables.. *sigh*

Anyway, one of my recent finds there was the Char Siew Pao or Chinese Steamed Bun with Meat Filling. That is such simple everyday, anywhere kind of food back home, but I had yet to have one pass through my lips since I got here. After I had followed the instructions and brought it back to life from its frozen state, and took a bite into it, oooooo.. it was literally like how some people describe things as .. "like coming home again"..

There were 4 Paos in the package..

Frozen and saran? wrapped Pao waiting for me..

After being heated up in the microwave for a minute, wrapped in a paper towel.

Such Yummy Fluffiness...

I guess it would be kind of like if an westerner was abroad in someplace where there was no "authentic" western food but only the local fare, and then after 5 years, came across a cheeseburger and fries or something :P


Monica said...

NYC has EVERY type of market for any type of food!!!! not as much where I live but in the city there is TONS

syukur said...

Hi is your pregnancy ?? No quickening yet ??? That is why you need to come back home one day...and i definitely bring you and your husband to the best Nasi Lemak place in town .

Applied Christianity said...

Oh, that sounds good. Maybe I can talk, Mom into buying them the next time we are in town.

Skwermy said...

Hey Letti! LOL I went crazy buying tons of stuff this past weekend when we went to the Asian Market and I got myself 4 freshly steamed BBQ Pork Bun (Char Siew Pau)... OMG, I almost died and went to heaven when I bit into it and savored the fillings

McMGrad89 said...

Come to Killeen. The Red Onion Bistro has your nasi lemak. Very different from the kind Puerto Ricans make for sure.

McMGrad89 said...

Well, I will be in Abilene in October. I can bring you some... :-)

mama bok said...

I hear yer about the food..! trust me.. !! i know what you are going thru'.