Saturday, November 01, 2008

Baby's First Purchase & A Birthday Cake

It's nothing earth shattering

but it's something that will keep baby's delicate newborn skin from chaffing from all the mandatory child seats that it'll have to be in for a good number of years.

We celebrated Svjetlana's birthday at bible class on Friday, and Cindy made her a very moist and delicious chocolate cake.. Yum.. She used pecans to "decorate" the cake, and there was not enough room to write "Happy Birthday Svjetlana", so it ended up being "Happy Svjetla-Na ( on next line )". I jokingly threatened to send it in to Cake Wrecks.. Hehehehhehe.. Of course I didn't :)


Bad Sheep said...

The puppy is cute but it looks like there is a monkey version. Too cute.

Marsha Tan said...

so so cute!!!!!