Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Woohoo I'm done

I usually have my Christmas shopping done ( way ) before this, because I have to send stuff back to Malaysia, but Cindy and I went to Hobby Lobby today and I did the last bit of Christmas shopping I needed to do. Yay!

This year, the gifts aren't quite as big or extravagant, nor as numerous, and I'm sure everyone can understand how it is this year. But everything is still from the heart and with love and will have a personal touch :)


Asianmommy said...

Lucky you! Wish I were so organized.

Tammi said...

As I mentioned in the post prior to this one:
Next time your in Dallas lil missy,ya oughta give me a holler and we can hang out at Starbucks and get hyped up on coffee....well,one of us can(not u and Jr,of course) and we can poke fun at our blogs and blogger buds!hee hee