Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Family That Eats Together

Stays Together..

That was one of my dad's "maxims" in life, and in the last week or two, we've been doing a bunch of that.. and not just eating with david's family for Taco Tuesday and Letti Thursday, but with the Abilene community in general!

First there was the Annual HEB Feast of Sharing, held at the Civic Center in Downtown Abilene, an annual "giving back to society" free dinner sponsored by the HEB grocery chain...

and then yesterday was "Breakfast with Santa" at church, with our preacher, Terry, making a very jolly Santa indeed!


Tammi said...

Awww! Great pictures,L.
I wonder when Tyler is gona get an H.E.B.?Darn.
My parents have an HEB and shop there as fair.
We have Brookshires or Super One,but our community doesn't put on very many organized get togethers' like yours does. keep baby n yourself warm,okee-dokee!?

Asianmommy said...

How fun to go eat breakfast with Santa. We need to do that one of these days.