Monday, January 05, 2009

Baby Update

26 Weeks and 3 Days

Has it really been that long since we ( I say we, cos it really IS a joint venture, after all *grin* ) got pregnant? A blogger friend pointed out to me that there were less than 100 days to go. Yoiks. It has been quite the adventure, the latest being David finally felt the baby kick, I had to go do a routine gestational diabetes screening test, and having b*tt pain. :) Well, it can all be read over at the preggo blog.

What was really sweet though, was that Judith, David's eldest sister brought a quilt-in-progress meant for Junior, to the family Christmas gathering, and asked if everyone would like to put a stitch or two in, to participate. Awwww..

Here's part of the family doing some stitcheroos.

Stephanie and Cindy

Amy ( welcome to the family! ) and Judith

Cindy and Johnny

Judith and David


Baby Max would have chipped in too, except that he was totally exhausted from the whole Christmas extravaganza :)


Agnes said...

Awwww ... the baby is well-loved even before he is born! That quilt would be a priceless heirloom!

Bad Sheep said...

What a sweet idea for a baby gift!

teddY said...

Wow that's very sweet of them to come together and do stitching together! Must have been a lovely day being around with them :)

And Baby Max looks so adorable! Awww!

Take care! 92 more days to go.

Tammi said...

That is just soooo sweet! What an awesome family your surrounded by,L.
I have things from when my babies were small,and I even sometimes go back and re-read my baby books,and the calenders I kept when I was pregnant and to me...those things mean more to me than ANYTHING I own.
Happy New Year Mommy!

Asianmommy said...

What a wonderful idea--very thoughtful!

mama bok said...

Yes..!! the "ang mohs" love to do that.. muahaha!! but i loved it..!! we inherited some quilts belonging to PB .. since he was a kid.