Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Such Extravagance!

We got a new TV set.

So what's the big deal? Well, this is so self indulgent and extravagant it just makes me blush. Remember when we got the 56 inch Samsung DLP in 2004? Well, David's dad is going on 90 years old and his eyes are not as good as they used to be. He loves watching sports, but on their 27 inch ( i think ) TV, he just can't make out the scores or enjoy the games as much any more.

So, after some discussion, David and I decided to move our 56 inch TV over to his dad's house ( now THAT was quite a major task in itself ) - which we did last Saturday. It delights David to no end that his dad has no more problems making out the scores, and can enjoy watching sports so much more.

Our "OLD" TV, the Samsung 56 inch DLP

The historic day when we brought it home in 2004

Yes, we had to move THIS ( below ) WITHOUT A BOX to david's dad's house

Which leaves us with NO TV.

So what do you do when you give your big screen TV away?



We drove to Arlington on Monday and picked up a 73 ( read: SEVENTY FREAKIN' THREE ) inch Mitsubishi DLP HD TV ( Mitsubishi WD 73835 ) to bring home.

Bringing Home the new TV

We had to go get it at the warehouse

The guys opened it up so we would know that it actually worked before carting it 2 1/2 hours home

David making some final checks on the tie-downs

What the TV looks like

That sounds totally outrageous, but seriously we got it at a ridiculously reasonable price.



Anonymous said...

I swear I have read this post before.... even recall seeing the first picture...


dobbs said...

*wonders what Nick Jnr and Playhouse Disney Channel looks like on a 73" tv* ;)
Cool TV!