Saturday, February 21, 2009

Letti Thursday, The Malaysian Edition

It can be quite a challenge,

but yet a lot of fun trying to come up with recipes / menus for The Boys on Letti Thursday. I had made Satay for David before, but not for the FIL and BIL. So that's what we had for Thursday - Chicken Satay with Peanut Gravy/ Dipping Sauce, DIY Nasi Himpit ( Compressed Rice ) and a cucumber / onion relish. The boys enjoyed it and I got to have a taste of home :)

Starting off with generic white rice from good ol' Wally World

Cooked with extra water and stuffed into sandwich bags and stored in the fridge the night before

Right before serving, breaking it out of the sandwich bags and cutting it up into cubes and reheated in the microwave

Voila, home made compressed rice with a pinch of salt and a bit of coconut milk

Chicken pieces marinating in the mix

Skewered and ready for the grill


Peanut Sauce for dipping
( I would have made this hotter/spicier but didn't think that would go down well with da boyz )

Served with Cut Cucumbers and Onions in Vinegar

Ta Da
( can you believe that's one whole bag of boneless skinless chicken breast from walmart? )


Karen and Chad said...

That looks absolutely delicious, Letti. I know Chad'll be wanting me to make some for him once he sees your blog entry. He loved the satay he had when he was visiting me in Singapore. I have a strong feeling that I'll be calling on you for some tips and advice one day soon when I try to make some myself.


The Chansburys said...

how do you do it? gravid and all that cooking???! gosh you are one amazing woman, you know that?! please come and feed me some time ;) mwah mwah

Asianmommy said...

Yum! I'd love to try this.

Applied Christianity said...

That sounds so tasty. I will have to get your recipe one day.

jeff said...

That meal looks so delicious! I may have to try to make that myself. I have made a similar cucumber dish but with white onions-I'll have to try it with the red ones. Hope you have a great weekend and great weather! Jeff

K. Restoule said...

I'm always hungry after visiting here. Why is that?

yunayuni said...

David and Jr is soo lucky to get a great cook like you!

I am hungry! hehe

Tammi said...

I TOTALLY agree with Yunayuni! How lucky they are to stuff their tummies with such awesome cooking!
I'm just curious L.,
"what is a typical Malaysion breakfast"?
Dieing to know!! I don't do an early breakfast...but I DO love a breakfast,even in the evening.Just wondering what that would be in Malaysia.

edina monsoon said...

okay I'm now convinced you're an amazing COOK. It looks authentic. Like the ones we get from the side stall along the highway. ( Those are usually the yummy ones )

mama bok said...