Tuesday, March 17, 2009

36 weeks and 4 days

Any day now...

In 3 days, Junior will officially be term, after which, he is more than welcome to make an appearance between then and 40 weeks. Meanwhile, as Junior won't have his own room as yet ( we're still working on it and we are terribly middle class , and live in a double wide after all! ... so, nothing fancy.), he'll be bunking in with mummy and daddy in THEIR room, at the foot of their bed, complete with his little end of the room that will hold all of his stuff.

We finally assembled the Graco Pack N Play and it just makes it seem so much more real to see it sitting there.

Next, David is going to sand down and repaint this little shelf we had gotten at an estate sale last year for Junior's stuff, along with some plastic 3 tier drawers.. ( He has a full sized dresser in the room that will be his, when we finally get to it, so this is all pretty much temporary )

No crib , just a pack n play :)

Thank you Tara, for the lovely mobile!

A pixelated daddy with baby's cowboy boots

My sister and I had a similar humpty when we were growing up!
The pack n play comes with a changing table, so that's neat.


Valerie said...

Don't worry about not using a crib! I plan not to have to use one at all lol

Asianmommy said...

Hee! Love the boots.

Moments In Time said...

Hi Letti - We're not using the crib or the nursery either until little bub is bigger, for right now, we have a bassinet at the foot of our bed and the changing table in the corner of our bedroom (the puppy's crate got moved... poor girl won't be able to look out the window :()

I think the pack n play looks like the perfect fit! And you got both Boppy's too! I returned the lounger and got the horseshoe cos I thought we'd get more use out of that than the other since someone had given us an activity mat for his tummy time... that and returning 2 Diaper Genies allowed us to get the pack and play for free... Gotta love the free stuff cos this baby project sure adds up!

Love the Humpty and the boots! Is your hubby impatient like mine??? He keeps asking the little one to come on along already, I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and am counting down the days till I hit the 37 week mark. All this stretching/transformers action is definitely taking it's toll.

Looks like you have everything in place and ready. Now we wait! :)

teddY said...

It's perfectly fine not to use a crib at all, let alone getting the baby his own room :) nothing beats the comfort of sleeping in mommy and daddy's room, as long as he doesn't wake you up too often in the night such that you're not getting enough sleep. I've never knew what 'double wide' means although I've heard it a few times here and there, thanks for helping me to figure out what it means.

Take care, Letti :)

Jefftexas said...

I can't believe it's almost time! The humpty is cute! Good luck and I'll be thinking about you and your new bundle of joy arriving soon :) Jeff

Amy said...

My Youngest slept in a pack n play until she slept through the night. Made it so much easier to get up and not have to go up the stairs.