Monday, March 23, 2009

All my Bags are Packed.... ( 37 weeks & 3 days )

I finally got around to packing ..

my hospital bag and the baby's diaper bag, as part of getting ready for the big day... will have to get David's bag ready in the next couple of days.

I think I should be covered for the stay.. otherwise, david will just have to go out and get me supplies :)

Oh, and here's Junior's super cool Asian Motif Diaper Bag. heheh :)

Hopefully, when the time comes, david and I will be calm enough to go through the paces. We see the doctor again on Tuesday and will drop by "The Birthplace at Hendrick Medical Center" where we are pre-registered, for a "dry run" :)

Meanwhile, here's the episode of "I Love Lucy" where HER bags are packed, and ready to dash off to the hospital because apparently, "the baby is due any minute" .. and of course hilarity ensues. Hehe.... it just seems so probable, like with the sketch, that David will be so overwhelmed and anxious that I'll be the one waddling in and he'll be the one in the wheel chair and fainting all over the place :)

"I Love Lucy" - Lucy Goes to the Hospital Part 1

"I Love Lucy" - Lucy Goes to the Hospital Part 2

"I Love Lucy" - Lucy Goes to the Hospital Part 3


Moments In Time said...

That's a gorgeous diaper bag! We have 2, a manly black Jeep one for the Daddy and a baby blue/brown polka dot one for the Mommy. So far, baby and Daddy's bags are packed... mine's still work in progress... procrastination is never good is it????

Monica said...

I love the diaper bag, now get some sleep WHILE YOU CAN! once he is here there is no more sleep!!

I love this episode of I Love Lucy! look up the Flintsotnes one also when they have Pebbles! i love that!

Jefftexas said...

That episode is one of my favorites! Hope you had a great Monday, Jeff

Asianmommy said...

Love your beautiful bag!

K. Restoule said...

Here's hoping the trip to the hospital doesn't resemble a Flintstone's episode