Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Shower

Can you believe I am going to be 36 weeks in a couple of days?

I think both David and I are ready for Junior to be here, and can't wait to see him face to face and hold him, BUT we also want him to be fully ready before he makes his appearance.

Anyhow, earlier this week, Junior's Wilson cousins hosted a baby shower for him at Stephanie's home, and it was just wonderful. They had made an announcement in the church bulletin and sent out invitations, but I was still in awe and overwhelmed by the amount of people that made it to the shower. I was seriously touched.

Laura, a close friend of the Wilson girls, made this absolutely DARLING cake for the shower, complete with a little doggie that looks like Henry!

David got a vase and flowers and made this amazing arrangement himself, making the women totally melt, going "oooh" and "awwwwww"

Sabrina making a delightful "baby bath" punch concoction with blue fruit juice, 7 up and ice cream!

Elizabeth putting on the finishing touches :)

Aw, gifts for Junior ( man, he's being spoilt already!)

A lovely diaper cake from Hilda, and we can all see where a bunch of that pregnancy weight has gone..
makes me look like I have the michelin man's face!


Valerie said...

Cutest cake ever!! And I love the vase!! Tell David job well done! :) Oh, and I'm jealous of your 36 weeks LOL. Give it another week and he will be far along enough to come!

Asianmommy said...

Letti, I LOVE your cake! You have awesome friends.

Tammi said...

What an awesome cake!!!
How incredibly sweet of everyone!
Oh,and your picture is just have that really neat-o glow!
I'm counting down with you!

Jefftexas said...

That cake is so amazing I would have felt guilty cutting into it!!! Looks like a great shower-glad to see you got a lot of goodies. Can't wait to see pictures of the baby :)

It has been fun being around all the new babies here-they grown so fast! The oldest is going to be three this year and it's great seeing their personalities bloom as well as seeing them discover things for the first time.

Have a great weekend, Jeff

The Chansburys said...

Hey mate, you certainly DON'T look 36 weeks preggo in your pic. Dunno if that is good or bad, now that I think about it...hahaha! Where IS that bump?! Looking good girl!

mama bok said...

Oh my..!! what a lovely baby shower..!! you take good care eh.. :)
i can't wait to see junior's face.. :)

Marsha Tan Benjamin said...

what a wonderful baby shower!!!

Moments In Time said...

Letti - How absolutely lovely everything looks. I love the cake and the puppy theme, your babyness is LOVED and isn't is all so overwhelmingly GOOD???

I don't see the bump!!! I think my OB jinxed me cos I was doing so well right up 34 weeks and she was like, you only put on 19 lbs, way to go.... needless to say, the next check up 4 days later, added 5 lbs to the scale! Alas, I am waddling even worse now :)

Did your Target registry work okay??? Ours was chaotic, I guess people did not check stuff off when they buy things, we got 3 diaper genies and 3 Baby Bjorn's!!!!

Ha ha the only reason why we got the Diaper Genies is cos they were gifted by the Hubby's MALE colleagues!!! They usually think of practical and his female colleagues got us more of the cutesy stuff... I am not sure if it is male vs female traian of thought or it just worked out that way :)

Well Girl, is it almost 37 weeks now???? I can't wait to 'meet' him!!!! The journey feels so long yet so short at times, I think I am going to miss being preggers!

Tammi said...

Sheesh!Where O where are you and Mommy,Junior?
You need to call me or let someone know when you go in the hospital sweety pie!!
Wheeeeee!!! This is sooooo exciteing!

Monica said...

How adorable!!!! a diaper cake too! everyone I know had the baby in their room, heck a friend of mine had their kid in their room until he was six, they lived in a one bedroom and were saving for a house(which they now have!)