Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Last Letti Thursday for a while

I haven't been posting much

about what I've been making for Letti Thursday, mainly because it's mostly hum drum stuff, what with my massive bulk impeding me from being too ambitious in making a big meal for da boyz.

Anyway, seeing how last Thursday might very well be the last Letti Thursday for a while ( and that the boys have been trying to get me to "rest" so they can take me out, for the last 6 months already - yes, I can be quite stubborn at times, but mainly I was trying to be frugal - paying for 4 people to eat out each week can be a killer! ) , I "allowed" David to bring us out to eat instead.

And of course, where else would we go but a Chinese Buffet place. LOL. It was really good.

I've gotten more and more tired as we approach these last weeks, and need to get off my feet a lot, so it was nice for a change.

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