Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Too Close of a Call

But hey, I got a byline out of it. LOL

Our area has been having a bad drought with unseasonably high temperatures, causing a host of grass fires that have sprung up all around us.

The latest fire in our area yesterday was behind our home, separated from us only by a field, which thankfully, had been ploughed and acted as a barrier to the fire from spreading our way and into our backyard.

David and I went to have a look, and we took the picture that is on the website ( oo we're I-reporters! ), and which later appeared on 2 news stations! Thank God the fire was contained and no one was hurt. But that was TOO CLOSE of a call

News Clip below taken from the website, with the photograph taken by us, although they didn't say so on the website.. bleh.. David called them up and said "er, what the hey".. :)

Reported by: Laura Kellerman

Tuesday, Mar 3, 2009 @03:23pm CST

 Firefighters from Hamby and Clyde are fighting a fire off County Road 100 in Callahan County.

The Texas Forest Service assisted with three dozers, a helicopter and other air support.

At last report, the fire was 75 percent contained with 30 acres burned.

No homes were lost but several structures were threatened at one point.

Here's a link to this morning's webcast that has a little clip that used our photo ( about a minute into the webcast )


taranicole <"3 )~ said...

That's really cool!!! ... not the fire near your home but your famous pictures!!! That will be quite the story to tell Jr!

Asianmommy said...

Wow--that's really scary. Glad everyone's OK.

Tammi said...

Look at Mrs.Reporter go!! Whoa! I'm sure that got pretty scarey being so close and must have your camera set on "go" like I do,huh?
Oh,I forgot to mention before that I totally love how your page looks.You are SOOO creative.
I still love the way you did my page! I doubt I'll ever want to change anything about mine,cuz you done such an awesome job,I can't imagine anything being different.
Oops! I hope you don't get a string of people wanting to do their page too!lol (sorry)
I can't believe I haven't read about this fire already...glad ya'll are OK!!