Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Walter, my FIL, turned 90 last week

And he had a grand Pink Hat party

at church, where almost 200 people attended :)

I know there have been fewer posts since the baby arrived, but hopefully I can get my act together to at least get my motherhood blog updated soon, with lots of photos. Bleh. But for now,

Walter in his Pink Hat


Happy 90th, Walter!



The Wilsons' Trombone Quartet





Valerie said...

Congratulations Walter!!

And I hear you on posting frequency. I've been trying to write an update now for 3 days and can't seem to do it...

cariso said...

Cutie Jaxon! :p

teddY said...

It's okay that you're away from your blog for the moment being - juggling life and a newborn is not easy, not to mention a blog to maintain as well! My friend in Paraguay just became a father and I haven't heard from him for a month or so, except for his infrequent Facebook updates that goes like "Sleep is underpriced" and "Baby Biel is a little monster at night". Haha! I hope you're coping well with Jaxon, take care!

Asianmommy said...

Jaxon is adorable!

Moments In Time said...

Tell your FIL that pink suits his complexion! Ha ha it's awesome that y'all can have fun together.

Jaxon is absolutely precious! And what a cool outfit as well! Sending kisses and hugs from Eli!

Lady in Red said...

Hi Letti,

Your FIL seems like a wonderful person. He must be so thrilled to have you and Jaxon in his life.
Jaxon is adorable. Have fun being a mother.