Monday, November 23, 2009

Ducks go "quack quack"

Last week we brought Jaxon out to the park

for his first "feeding the ducks" outing. They could get pretty aggressive what with the promise of food and all, and so I held on to him the whole time.


The boy was intrigued by the ducks at first, and then he got even more into chomping down on "duck bread". Click HERE for pics of da teeth :)

And yes, he still manages to scratch himself all over with those little nails even though I keep them clipped down. *sigh*



Tamara said...

Oh for petes sake (whoever pete is?)lol....Jaxon is just adoreable and you are the prettiest beaming mom L.!
Whew! Good grief..somebody's not feeding that (chunky)baby!Ha!My gosh he is a little tubby-wubby isn't he?Makesyou wanna just kiss kiss kiss those lil chubby cheeks.OMG,Now when I kiss or snuggle my lil Mil-Mil he's like "Stooop Mi-Mi"! Then he gets all loveable on HIS time.haha
I just loooove it when you post these pictures!!
Btw,be careful with his first teethe...wait till he bites you for the first time.LOL..Adoreable toothee' pic Jaxon!!

Tamara said...

BTW...when Kalon was a tot,I remember this elderly lady saying "whew!Somebody's not feeding this baby".....I was apalled and just downright mad...of course someone assured me that she was making a backwards joke because Kalon was so tubby and healthy looking...hahahaha
So I hope your not like me..and miss that punchline. ;-} I really doubt that though.HA

edina monsoon said...

Your son is so big now:) Love the scratches...cos that makes me normal. About a month back I had to go to work ( and face the odd looks from colleagues and the questions from those who DARED ask)with 4-5 scratches on my face. Those fingernails ...they can cause a lot of trouble sometimes.

Roban said...

Hi Letti! My daughter and I were revisiting some of my first blog posts, and I saw one of your comments.... I haven't been on scrapblog as much lately and have missed you here as well.

Jaxon is a cutie! You were expecting him last time I checked in; now he's a big boy!