Tuesday, November 17, 2009


When Jaxon came along,

Charles joked about being a little sad at losing his "youngest grandchild" status, but quickly followed that up with the fact that it had been a good 27 year run, which we all thought was pretty cute.


Happy 28th birthday, dude :)

We meet up with Jaxon's grandad several times a week, and Walter always enjoys his time with little Jaxon. We keep telling him he's gotta stick around for many more of Jaxon's "first"s. :)




McMGrad89 said...

So cute. I am glad that he is able to have some years with his grandad. Keep taking the pictures.

Tamara said...

Ohhh my OH my!! That lil man is growing so fast! Just love love love the pics you post!
I'm still smiling....recalling my little toots being that age.
He's already Mr.Photogenic!