Monday, November 09, 2009

The Three Stoo.. er, Cousins

could be models for a United Colors of Benetton Ad.

When the 3 cousins are at Taco Tuesday, it's ALWAYS a major photo op..

Jaxon 7 months, Azmari 6 months and Max 14 months.





Tamara said...

He's getting so tubby wubby...I just wanna kiss kiss kiss him!!
(but of course u know not to let ppl do it)lol no matter HOW irresistable he is!!
Too many sicknesses going around,huh?
I bett ya'll had your hands full on Taco

Tamara said...

ohh...btw,I edited my last post cuz I figured out how 2 add a video! Isn't that too cool.This new computer does everything but wipe your......ummmmmmmmmmm...............chin!!!
Well,what did u THINK I was gona say?

McMGrad89 said...

So cute and getting so big! Thanks for sharing.

Cat Cat said...

Absolutely love the first picture. It seems like Jaxon was saying, "Hey bud, look over here... I'm the cutest..." Haha.