Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Family Ties

My brother from Virginia dropped by today

for a few hours. He had some business to tend to in Dallas and had flown in the night before. He drove over to Abilene even though he had just a few hours to spare, and we were more than elated to have him for the 3 hours or so that we got to spend with him before he had to turn around and drive back.

Jaxon and him managed to squeeze in some Uncle-Nephew bonding time. At first Jaxon was a little leery and wary, but in the end, really warmed up to his uncle. Yay!

Lunch at Cracker Barrel



After a quick wardrobe change for Jaxon, it was off to Grandad's house to chill.







Anonymous said...

jaxon and i had reverse outfit day....me:brown top, blue bottom...jaxon:blue top, brown bottom....

The Chansburys said...

oh hilarity, cause down under this is what's Cracker Barrel - http://www.dairyfarmers.com.au/df/ourproductsandrecipes/cheese/crackerbarrel
jaxy growing fast letti!!!!! so precious precious

Cat Cat said...

I think I met your brother once... a few years ago at the Asian Festival. Not sure if he could still remember me.

Nelson and Marsha said...

Everyone LURVESSS Carter...
I miss Carter!!!!!!!! :(

edina monsoon said...

That's the sweetest thing a brother can do:) Nice to have family around. Hope he wasn't too tired to drive back after.

McMGrad89 said...

How nice for you. Great pics. I just recently had a visit with my brother from NC. So glad he came, so I can imagine how happy you were.

valerie said...

aw that's so cool that he was able to come by!