Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Granny Franny

We drove to Ballinger, Texas yesterday.

My FIL, SIL Cindy, David, Jaxon and I went to visit Jaxon's granny's grave yesterday on the 5th anniversary of her passing. I barely got to know her but all the wonderful stories I hear from the family tells me Frances was a loving, sweet, kind, gentle and overall awesome mother and wife, and a truly Godly woman who inspired and touched the hearts of everyone she met and knew.

Jaxon with his in-car entertainment


We love you, Granny Franny!


Lunch in Ballinger. Jaxon WISHES this was his :)



Cat Cat said...

Mr Young Man, gotta wait a few more years before you can indulge those yummilious food.

edina monsoon said...

What a cute sweater.....incredibly patriotic:) And oh BOY he grows very fast doesn't he?

valerie said...


Tamara said...

What a touching post.
That is the cutest lil outfit on Jaxon,btw! He's getting so big!
Seems like just yesterday.I forget how they grow sooo fast.