Saturday, February 06, 2010

Almost like Grandma's

I got another care package yesterday.

This time from my brother in Richmond, who sent me, among other things, LOTUS ROOT! Yum yum. The Chinese usually have a soup with their meals, and lotus root soup was one of my favorites - I cooked it with chicken stock, and omitted the usual red dates and stuff. So here was the lineup for dinner tonight.

Lotus Root Soup


Chicken Korma


Stir Fried Bak Choy



Tamara said...

Umm...hun,I'm not quite sure about the Lotus pic #1(sorry..must google what that even IS)lol
But I just gained 10 pounds stareing at the other 2 dishes!
I could "almost"taste the chicken Korma!!
Can Jaxon eat one or all of those?Just curious.
Granted.they look so healthy.No wonder you have a rockin bod,even after having Jaxon!All that healthy eating.

Asianmommy said...

You have a lovely family (who sends you wonderful things!).