Sunday, February 21, 2010

An Excursion with Grandad

Yesterday was one of those nice warmer days

even though it was kinda overcast - we're expecting snow in a day or two, so we decided to take a short excursion with Grandad to the nearby Lake Fort Phantom, and on to Albany.

Grandad wanted to go see where the new Texas State Veterans Cemetery was, and so that was our first stop. It was quite impressive , in its brand-spanking-newness


Then it was off to Fort Phantom Hill Lake , and onward to Albany!


You can't be out in the country in Texas without seeing some oil rigs pumping away :)


A Picture of Concentration :P


The Beehive didn't get our business for dinner because they weren't gonna be open for another hour.


We ended up at a the Prairie Star Convenience Store, Deli and Grill ( and Gas Station ) for sandwiches



Full and well-er, excursed ( I doubt that's even a word ), we headed off into the sunset.
Homedy homedy home home home.



jamytan said...

So cute !

Ams said...

Nice hats. Is it something most people wear everyday?

letti said...

Hi Ams, well, a lot of people wear baseball hats, but I guess there's a way higher percentage of people here in texas who wear ( cowboy ) hats over here compared to the rest of the country, and yeah, david and his dad usually have a hat on whenever they go anywhere :)

K. Restoule said...

Babies and Cowboy Hats are always cute.

Sometimes you just need to do a road trip like that.

Tamara said...

What a precious pic of those 2 Texans!!lol
PIX # 4,6 & 7 that is!!LOLOL
Love it!
Instead of being a doctor in Malaysia!!You should have been a photographer..heck I can't spell that.
WAIT!! That sounded so dumb didn't it?
It's like saying: "Wouldn't you rather work at the Salvation Army as opposed to saving lives for a living"?
Umm...nothing against working at the Salvation Army ya'll!! I'm just sayin'
Jax is getting sooo big!!!
What the heck are u feeding that kiddo?
NEVERMIND!! the pictures tell it all.....which I hate seeing cuz my stomach starts growling when u post them!(I'm on a starvation diet)lol...Well,Slimfast and Vitamins and fruit diet,that is.Not to worry....I DO cheat too much though(prolly thanks to your food pictures)
Lotsa hugs,L.
ps---Kalon is gona be ok.Your thoughts and prayers meant the world.