Friday, March 26, 2010

Crepes and the Census

I really DO have to be more diligent about posting..

but I've had several things on my plate recently, and so I'm giving myself that excuse to cover up the slacking off. :(

Speaking of plate, instead of your garden variety pancakes, I made some crepes today. Yeah.. if I could only figure out how to put the accent mark on the "e". I had to copy and paste THIS "crêpe" from somewhere else.


ANYWAY, they came out pretty good, light and yummy. Next time I've gotta experiment with different fillings and stuff.

Also along the lines of food, I made Chicken Spaghetti Casserole for Letti Thursday today. No photos, though, but I got the recipe from Pioneer Woman, and here's a pic from her website.


Also, we filled out the Census forms and they're going in the mailbox to be sent off in the morning.


Let's hope everything is filled out A-OK and no one comes a-knocking on our door.


Tamara said...

Ok...tell the truth,you burned your chicken spagehetti,so you had to borrow a pic from someone
Just kidding.Where do you find the time to cook all that yummy stuff?
Sheesh! I bet hubby's tummy might have a little pooch...mine does just looking at the
Does Jaxon eat the noodles and stuff yet?

letti said...

Hey Tammi.. lol, nah, the chicken spaghetti turned out excellent ( heheh ) and every bit got eaten up. I just didn't want to mess up the casserole by scooping some up to take a pic :) Yup, Jaxon loves noodles and tofu and asiany stuff as well :) Gotta get this "I love a variety of food and would love to try just about anything" mode into him from now.. LOL.