Sunday, November 21, 2010

No Longer a Baby

Jaxon had his first haircut last Tuesday

His dad wanted it to be a special event, and in an old-timey barber shop if possible.

Not being one who frequents barber shops, ( and David shaves his head ), I did a little sleuthing online and came up with one that came closest to what he/we had in mind.

We invited the family to come along with us, and Grandad and Cindy were able to make it.

There were the traditional 3 or 4 chairs with mirrors lining the wall


With Grandad settled in comfortably, we waited our turn


Here's how long the child's hair was, before.


When everyone was ready, David lifted Jaxon up on one of their affix-a-booster-seat thingies, and the little boy was wrapped up in a clothing protector ( for want of a better word/description ). That's when he started having an inkling that SOMETHING was up.


I mean, I HAD told him we were going to go get his hair cut, but I don't think he could quite grasp what that meant yet :)

He did NOT like this strange new experience very much, especially when a stranger was doing strange things to his head, and it got even wilder when the BUZZING started. Aunt Cindy held his head firmly so that there would not be any accidental nicks. ( Mummy had been delegated to photo-taking duties )




All in all, he wasn't any worse for the wear. In fact, he looked so grown up after his hair cut that his daddy and I felt a little twinge in our hearts that our little boy was growing up oh so very quickly.

The barber offered him a lollipop, but our dear boy had no idea what to do with it, since we hadn't ever given him one before, and only ended up with very sticky hands :)



edina monsoon said...

So cute:) I like the one of his head being held ..bawling his eyes out. You're right, he looks all grown up minus his locks. Awww

valerie said...


and lol it seems like they always hate that first hair cut!
K hasn't had hers yet, I keep wondering if we should trim off the back but she has so little hair, I am very reluctant LOL