Thursday, February 02, 2012


1. Treadmill

This one was the one that prompted the hubby to say, "Next time, remind me to pay for delivery!".

We got a new treadmill from Sears the other day.


The one we had was ailing and becoming ironically, somewhat of a health hazard.

So, the hubs went to the Mall and hauled the new one home, on a trailer.


The box describes all the ways how NOT to transport or move the danged thing, but recommended using 2 people to lift it.


Funny how things don't work out that way in reality.

Yeah, the picture says 130lbs with 2 non-Hulks lifting it with apparent ease, but that is, in fact, a horrible LIE!

It was more like 250 lbs worth of stuff in there, requiring at least 3 beefcakes to do the job, and one of them just might get a hernia from all of that lifting.

The hubs has since come to the conclusion that the aforementioned 130lbs was "each".


Anyway, with a lot of huffing and puffing and some MacGyvering, we finally got it up the 4 steps from ground level up into the house ( we live in a double-wide which is just configured a lot differently from a regular house ), and this is after the front door had had to be taken off its hinges, so that the OLD treadmill could be brought out of there.

The new treadmill has since been put together ( not without a few "uh oh" moments ) and is now up and running.


2. Planting seeds.

We got a few of those Jiffy mini-greenhouse-in-a-container-with-little-peat-pellets type thingies from Walmart, along with a bunch of seeds, hoping that it could be a project that the little boy could participate in.

Yeah, right.

The little boy appeared all excited and ready to have a go at "planting seeds and flowers, mummy!" when we were at the store, but once we got home, it was just impossible to get him to stay focused long enough.


So the hubs and I did a few rows after the boy had gone to bed, and then the next night I brought it in to my study, got my shows going on Hulu and proceeded to plant plant plant and plant.


Which was way less strenuous than hauling a treadmill up some steps.

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