Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trying out the format of..

This week in pictures..

I am one of those people that bring their camera just about everywhere they go, and take umpteen photos of things around them. I think I have digital technology to thank for such rampant clicking :P

I usually have to so many things I want to blog about, and don't get to them. BUT I don't want all these "adventures" to just get filed away in the computer and not ever see the light of day.

ANYWAY, all of that said, this is what we did last week.

We had a great doctor's visit for the little boy's 3-year-old well child clinic


We made pancakes, and the little boy helped :)


Also, the little boy played baseball for the first time, and hit a bunch of balls!


We hang out over at Grandad's every day, so a lot of the "adventures" happen there..


Playing with our toy cars and then sharing a movie with them!


Showing Grandad the part of the recently released 1940 census that had his family's details on it, on the big screen.


Playing at the neighbor's bench, which the the little boy loves to do, and admiring Grandad's roses.


Messing with Grandad's collection of caps and hats


Sharing some stories with Cindy


Playing at the playground of the nearby school



fibrate said...

You take such nice pictures!

letti said...

Thanks! It is truly wonderful to be able to just snap snap snap away without worrying about having to buy film and processing the photos! Soooo expensive that way! :)