Saturday, July 07, 2012

Adventures at the Mall

We don't usually go to the mall much, but a couple of Fridays ago, we needed to go over to Best Buy to purchase something.  As we were nearing the mall entrance that was closest to the store, the little boy suddenly perked up and went, "CHUCK E CHEESE'S! MUMMY I WANT TO GO TO CHUCK E CHEESE'SSSS!!!!"

The hubs was amazed that the little one knew what Chuck E Cheese's was to begin with ( I blame Nick ),  but we were both more amazed that we had thought that it was Chuck E CHEESE all this time, but the little boy knew that it had an apostrophe s to it, and kept correcting the both of us. LOL!

Anyhow, while the hubs browsed Best Buy, the little boy and I had several mini adventures at the mall. I realised too late that I didn't have my trusty camera with me - I know, *gasp*, so I had to trust my cellphone to do its thang.

Our first stop was of course, C.E.C's, where the usher person stamped our hand with some kind of invisible ink thing before he let us in... made me feel like we were going into a club or something.


Anyway, it made me smile to see the little boy's face light up as he went from game to game in the arcade part, having just the grandest time, even though we didn't get any credits/tokens/whatnots to actually play the games with.  I know.. next time I'll actually get some of them credits/tokens/whatnots and then the little one can actually go crazy in there :)


Next, we stopped by the soft play area.  I noted that the height restriction ( which gets just blatantly ignored a lot of the time - makes me want to rough up the parents who allow their rough, obviously over-sized and over-aged kids in there ) was 42 inches.  And the little boy is just about 41 inches now. *sigh*


Last but not least, we stopped by Books-a-Million, browsing and hanging out at the "lounge/reading" area, and the little boy, who loves books and stories, had a blast :)


And THAT, was our adventure at the mall. :)

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