Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Table Cloth Clips

I got these from the Dollar Tree a while ago, but they got stuck in a drawer and forgotten about.


Then, I found myself counting to 10 each time I had to readjust the table cloth and its plastic cover over and over, several times a day.  The culprits? Well, everyone, I suppose.  But most glaringly, a little boy who would grab the table cloth when he climbed into his high chair, or when he was doing stuff at the kitchen table.


These aren't the most aesthetically zen things you might want on your kitchen table, but so far, they have worked.  And THAT has been totally amazing. I mean, one less little "irk" in your day can be quite big :)


Anyway, one of them's bits have snapped and broken from being a little too in the way, but so far so good.  And it was just a dollar for the set of four :P

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Asianmommy said...

Great find!