Sunday, November 11, 2012

McMurry Homecoming 2012

I told you I had a backlog.

The McMurry ( I keep wanting to type McMurrAy ) University homecoming was over 3 weeks ago, and I'm getting around to posting about it only now.


Anyway, after Bible Class on Fridays, Cindy, the hubs, the bubs and I will go run a few errands ( mailing monthly photos back to Malaysia, dropping off stuff at the Christian Service Center, stopping by the Filipino Store etc, and recently, stopping by the library to get books and videos for Jaxon ), and then go on to HEB for our weekly grocery shopping stint.


THAT Friday, we couldn't help but stop by McMurry, which was down the street from HEB to bring the boy to go see the "Indians" and teepees. ( side note : I grew up thinking that wigwams and teepees were the same and called all of them wigwams )


I still remember the first time Cindy and I stopped at the teepees, and I knew the little boy would be very excited - besides getting to run around a little bit before being confined to a shopping cart :P


Well, he sure did have fun checking out all the different teepees, and having the "Indian" girls showing him the insides of the teepees and what not.


We even crashed a class excursion and plonked the little boy right in the middle of the school children who were listening to a presentation by one of the Uni students. :P



I've been talking to the little boy about Thanksgiving themes and words, and so it was cool for him to have had some "visual aids".

Till next time, teepees.. "Ayyy"



Asianmommy said...

How fun to check out the inside of a teepee.

The Chansburys said...

Ok pray tell the difference mate...

The Chansburys said...

Ok pray tell the difference mate...