Thursday, November 01, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Part 2

So, we went back to the pumpkin patch with Cindy but this time, the weather wasn't quite optimal and so there was no one else there, and still no hay ride. Bleh.

Oh yeah, and it was a pretty blustery and cold day :)


But, we still managed to capture some pretty cool memories :)



It was still a grand surprise for the little boy to get to visit the pumpkin patch, but it was getting to be just a little less of a wonderment to him, something which I missed a little, and gave me little "heart pangs".


Cindy surprised the little boy with a little red wagon and gave him a little ride around the place



and I couldn't help but think back on the time when she gave him a ride at our house when he was still barely out of babydom :)



It may have been a cold windy lonely hayride-less day at the pumpkin patch, but when you are surrounded by the people you love the best in the world, and who love YOU the best in the world, you always have a super excellent glorious time :)

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