Monday, December 17, 2012

HEB Feast of Sharing

Last Tuesday, we missed Taco Tuesday once again, to attend the annual HEB Feast of Sharing at the Civic Center.


This year, they served almost 7 thousand people ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, mixed vegetables, rolls and apple pie, in the spirit of the season.


When we got there, the Abilene ISD group, Revolution, were playing their sets rather rambunctiously...


much to the chagrin of a little boy who didn't appreciate how loud they were.  I didn't care for the overly loud decibels either, but the little boy was truly distressed, so daddy brought carted him off in search of a quieter place to eat.


Cindy and I found them in the room reserved for Volunteers' Registration and the like, where the little boy could finally eat in peace and QUIET.  I'm sure it was highly irregular for us "civilians" to be in that room, because we kept getting glances from the ladies who were manning the stations.  But the little boy and the hubs WERE directed there by a rather nice "person-in-charge".


There was a large room room full of craft stations, a photo area with Santa, a book giveaway station, and several others.


The little boy was intrigued by all the inflatable decorations, and was particularly tickled by a snowman who would disappear into his er, bottom-most part, and then pop back up again. :)


He gave Mr. Panda Bear some love,


and tried to help a collapsipated Santa back onto his feet.


And thanks to Cindy, we managed to get a few family shots :)



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