Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Tree This Year

What with it being the day after Christmas, you'd expect me to be posting Christmas photos, but as we all know, I've been quite sad in the keeping-up-with-current-issues front.

Instead, we're going back in time to follow the tree purchase and what not.

We went by Lowe's, and because we were one of those people who waited until 10 days before Xmas to get ourselves a tree, they were massively discounted.


The little boy tried to be helpful in choosing the perfect tree, but little boys can't fight the urge to run run run  :)


We don't have a big or even medium sized house. Anything new that is added needs something old out of the way or thrown out. However, even with threats of "just 5 feet and no more!", we managed to procure an ( at least ) 8 foot tall tree.


After it was in place, the boys put the star on the tippy top, and it finally got "fully" decorated about 3 days later :)


The  bottom 1/3 of the tree is quite different from the top 2/3, as one can imagine when one of the decorators is less than 4 feet tall :)


Happy Boxing Day, y'all :)


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