Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

The little boy and I made some party hats and new year masks, and then invited Daddy over to the RV for a surprise New Year's Eve party :)

 photo 3f856673-38fc-41a0-8f42-58322acaa9ad_zpsb4c309b8.jpg

Happy New Year one and all, and may the new year be filled with blessings galore.

Not quite the last Xmas Post....

Christmas Lane

 photo 296415a5-44b4-4f1d-a3af-a956d6a4b849_zps5d1a613b.jpg

As we went through the paces of celebrating the season, we did one of our yearly traditions of letting the little boy drive on daddy's lap while we traveled slowly through Christmas Lane.

 photo 9b9000b4-52af-416c-882b-48c5d73cde0b_zpscc97c5d6.jpg

This year, we went through twice, put in our donation, and then parked to watch the tree lights that were synchronized to holiday music.

 photo e95b798e-8ec4-44f5-969e-7e580229e51c_zps7aaca755.jpg

Then we walked over to the main building, stopped at the phone booth out front and talked to "Mrs. Claus", who was at Santa's Workshop, over the phone.

First we went into the "display room", where there was a model train scene where the boy could press a button and start the train, and where there was a bunch of themed displays.

 photo 806e39c6-e893-43bb-a845-dbaaa5ad2408_zpsc5bfac21.jpg

The highlight of the night of course, was getting to meet Santa. There weren't many people in line, but the boy couldn't keep still from all the anticipation.

 photo 6673371f-1b3a-40be-ba7f-31849f01cd48_zpsa63d8cd5.jpg

Of course, once it got to be our turn, he turned a little shy.

 photo b9cf5432-524e-4a8a-a302-3bda73fa0b2c_zps67ffb760.jpg

However,  he soon warmed up to Santa and told him what he wanted for Christmas - "Angry Birds toys and books".  ( Which he later DID get both of those things and more )

 photo dad4c79c-014f-4d00-bcc3-8be5256cceda_zps16356d1b.jpg

I mean, seriously. How could Santa resist a face like THAT?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Lunch 2013

This year, the bulk of the clan was not in Abilene, including Cindy, who is in Africa for a month.  In fact, there was only 12 of us - 7 adults and 5 kids who were in town.

 photo PC256548_zps5d692df2.jpg

So, Judith invited some people from her church etc, who were also having "lonely" Christmases, to the shindig...

  photo PC256547_zpsfbc30056.jpg

 photo PC256545_zps9979db4a.jpg

 ... and we invited Xia Yu and her parents, and the Foxes were there as well.

 photo PC256546_zps7add027d.jpg

So, really, it was a little "different" this year, seeing all these unfamiliar faces at our Christmas lunch,

  photo PC256543_zpsb25be1ac.jpg

but I didn't get to "interact" very much, but spent my time at the workroom next door, doing crafts and drawing and whatnot with the boys.

 photo PC256544_zps95cc868a.jpg

All in all, we had a good Christmas, AND I still have a bunch of things to post, that happened BEFORE as well as on Christmas Day. ... Like Christmas MORNING!!

and so, as usual,

to be continued. :)

( A ) Pie(s) for the Season

My mom loves (rummy) fruitcake, especially in the holiday season, I suppose.

 photo P1010625_zpsb44241b2.jpg

The hubs, in a similar vein, enjoys mincemeat pie this time of the year.  I didn't have enough fridge space for a pie to sit and be eaten over time, so I made several mini pies in a muffin tin so that they could be stored/frozen for future consumption.

 photo P1010622_zps5ba08733.jpg

I usually use the Nonesuch ( !!?? ) brand condensed pie filling and ready-made crust. 

  photo c58c0ada-925b-42ee-acdb-9e4fd889aea5_zps58e3fa81.jpg

That's the Sandra Lee semi homemade style of cooking that suits me fine :)

❄ ❆♬♪ Christmas Tree O' Christmas Tree ♫♭❄ ❆

This year, with the 3 of us decorating the tree together, we got it done in no time at all.  Daddy did most of the tall high branches, mommy did some of the medium height ones and the little boy had his own special ornaments that he had made in the years past etc, that were hung at little boy height.

 photo 413b5c9f-4112-4187-b630-53ff72a96965_zps07d96877.jpg

 photo Blog2_zpsa0dad6c2.jpg

And of course, in keeping with  tradition, the little boy helped to put the Star on the very top.

 photo a35cf7f2-2ae7-44d6-bf1d-c2c4b4f9f2aa_zpsb3c7fa4a.jpg

 photo 921ca326-54fb-4dde-ad68-09c9f2ebb0e6_zps803bf6bf.jpg

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Happenings 2013

City Sidewalks and City Tree Lighting

We went out with the crowds on an unseasonably warm evening to watch the Parade.  The little boy plopped himself on the street and got comfortable :)
 photo 579779f8-386e-40d2-a700-4f61b3e5f9ff_zpsf6b42f1d.jpg

 photo 52f12540-d503-4ccc-ad01-92cabb16d8d1_zpsc6380fbc.jpg

 photo 0450e9e1-50cc-4067-bb87-120767064b29_zps3dc71ec3.jpg

Towards the end of the parade, we made our way to the Civic Center where the Tree Lighting ceremony was going to take place, along with Christmas songs by the orchestra and singing group.

 photo bfa7777c-1a2c-4f38-8e03-6a1927e4d7c5_zpsee608bea.jpg

 photo Blog5_zps4e2ea838.jpg

 photo c304ad63-4bf3-4755-9574-8ef3f6ac94ac_zpsef401244.jpg

HEB Feast of Sharing

This is the 9th year that HEB is doing this in Abilene.  I can hardly believe we were at the very first one they had here.  The line was long, but moved pretty fast.

 photo 83ac432c-6a68-4ab1-bb2e-980de439a863_zpscfe85a48.jpg

The little boy, who loves music and dancing, just couldn't hold all that jivin' in when the kids started their song and dance routine.

 photo 91946668-92df-4da7-b92e-41e1d7d7a899_zpsed6ee2e8.jpg

We stopped long enough to get our face hand painted, and was back in line with daddy.

 photo 9f47d2a2-128c-4d7f-b5bc-f86183a7e875_zps5fb24125.jpg

 photo 195b4995-006e-41df-ad26-9cd8d36f3590_zps3a02e843.jpg

 photo 94e31fcc-f197-4cda-af7d-79b34810e4d0_zps808ff0b9.jpg

 photo bf0a34fe-219d-417a-a2e3-c865acc78d8e_zps4a8d89a0.jpg

Of course, we had to stop by the Children's Area after dinner.
 photo 585d323f-25c4-43a4-b11e-3ffd3b962bc5_zps44edb62d.jpg

The little boy built a house for Habitat for Humanity!

 photo 50b7c0e6-ad21-4380-bc71-1b9ca5d433f8_zps0b03e8dc.jpg

He also made a card, trimmed a Christmas Tree, played some games, and pretended to be Groucho Marx.

  photo 5ee8daed-61a0-4a53-b5ef-4572c40d4cb2_zps7d5d5724.jpg

Breakfast with Santa @ Hillcrest and a chance encounter at Petsmart

The little boy was super excited this year to be meeting Santa. :) We wonder if this is the last year that it will be that magical for him :)

 photo e2686b5d-387a-4459-ba16-0c2b64c2381a_zpsd8d85b3a.jpg

 photo 8bd6cab8-0c1e-45ab-b2ae-e29731437cc7_zps1cafad94.jpg

Mummy and Jaxon's Mickey pancakes

  photo 156d5fe5-ac2f-4bdd-9b59-6c89f38386ba_zps02834198.jpg

Cookie decorating..

 photo 698c2bb7-30d4-4163-814c-83e0e0531800_zps3aef4c13.jpg

More crafts galore.

 photo 97733018-4835-4e95-8b60-5ca6bf1823a8_zps5679d51b.jpg

 photo 5bd346c8-370a-406d-9fef-da10f10567ea_zps0c895017.jpg

The little boy noticed "Santa" leaving and peeked into his er, "domain" for a bit, and exclaimed, "Santa left his sleigh behind!!!"

 photo 549b4252-904f-4b98-b87f-06f40878145d_zpsf7aafffb.jpg

Then we were off to Petsmart to get some stuff for the dogs, and lo and behold, who should we meet there, but the man himself again! Woah. :)

  photo 0a351562-e316-4be3-96e8-cd3cdfa2eeaf_zpsdf5a0863.jpg

To be continued....

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Splash of Color

My handsome boys in late Autumn at Abilene Christian University

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 photo c3b7ad34-ac26-4040-b807-5cd5e79dee86_zps9153adf6.jpg

Monday, December 09, 2013

Today's Weather..

Last week we had Arctic weather with freezing rain, snow, sleet... with had us pretty much holed up at home, avoiding icy roads and frozen body bits. ( Although, I didn't manage to avoid slipping on the steps and having a huge purple bruise on my bottom, which wasn't so much fun.  We are thankful, though, that "we" didn't break anything... )

Today, I woke up to a Brigadoonish effect... The Freezing Fog...

 photo 6987a856-f824-4f51-9973-ee5c3fb27975_zpsaf093be5.jpg

 photo ed59e897-9230-4ed7-b112-8789230cbc37_zps0bf5366a.jpg

 photo 0264051e-7355-4500-a549-cdeb0d2e401f_zps3982bb7d.jpg

which still deposits ice on the steps insidiously.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had Thanksgiving lunch ( as well as leftovers, later that evening ) at Mamo and Uncle Jim's church.  Xia Yu and her parents were able to join us, and they brought several Chinese dishes with them, which I was extra thankful for... :)

 photo Blog1_zpsba3fc1e2.jpg

 photo Blog2_zpsf962f564.jpg

I am always grateful whenever Jaxon gets to spend time with his cousins, especially Allen and Anastasia, who live several hours away.

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