Friday, April 26, 2013

A Hint of Home

We try to stop by the Filipino Store over on Mockingbird once a week and see what "familiar" foodstuff I can find there.  Sometimes it is a snack that I had as a child and other times it's a certain type of noodle or sauce.

A couple of weeks ago, it was some Winged Bean or Four Angled Bean.

 photo Blog_zps1577fe47.jpg

It was something I had eaten quite a bit when I was back in Malaysia, but I have a deeper connection with this particular veg.  I spent a year studying it in a laboratory back when I was in my final year of my Biotechnology degree.  Every week I would get a bunch from the local "night market", and work on those beans day in day out, barely ever seeing the light of day for the most part of those 2 final semesters. 

Anyway, I tried to emulate as best as I could, the way the dish was prepared, as I remembered it.

 photo Blog1_zpsa6c603bd.jpg

The resulting dish wasn't bad, and satisfied some of that home-food cravings for a bit, alongside some other asian-y dishes :)

 photo Blog2_zps5b5f1b99.jpg


shirley said...

Hi Letti...been reading your blog for sometime now..looking at those beans made me drool.Im from Kluang and residing in Alabama now.we some sort of neighbours back home.Good talking to you..take care

shirley said...

Hi Letti..been reading your blog for sometime now.I was from Kluang,Johore.Currently Im living in Alabama.looking at the beans made me droollllll....anyways..have a great day

letti said...

Hello Shirley! Thanks for dropping by. :) It is great to hear from someone who lived so close to my hometown Batu Pahat :) Hope you are having a great weekend :)

Rob and Monica said...

They look so yummy!!!!As does all the food! :) (Monica)

letti said...

hey monica! thanks for dropping by. :) It's hard to get South East Asian food here in Abilene, though, so when I find something like this at the filipino store, I get more than a little excited, LOL.